7 Insider Tips to Becoming a Power User of PTCwizard

Learning new software is never easy. It is unique and different and takes time to become familiar and competent, let alone reach power user status. So, we’re dedicating some blogpost space to share some insider tips that we’ve learned to help you on your way.

1. Avoid scheduling conference registration to open after hours or during a weekend. 

If parents need assistance and call the school after hours or on the weekend, it is doubtful they’ll receive the assistance required.  Why frustrate parents unnecessarily? They could feel they missed out on an opportunity to schedule a time convenient to them.

2. Check your time breaks; view the printable version of the teacher schedules. 

Sometimes break times are not scheduled in advance, planned, or changed without checking. You don’t want a situation where parents book a time, and then you must tell them to change the appointment because the teacher isn’t available.  

3. Specify which teachers plan to be in attendance in the “Attendees” section during set up.

Do this before jumping to the modify schedules section. The modified schedules section shows only the teacher schedules already checked in on the attendees’ section.

4. Be aware team breaks and teacher breaks are not alike. 

While PTCwizard automatically synchronizes appointments between teacher and team schedules to prevent double booking or overlap, that is not the case for breaks.  An unavailable break mark on a teacher’s schedule does not carry over to a team schedule. Teams can have breaks while the individual teachers still meet with parents and vice versa.

5. Unavailable teachers can hide schedules.

Enable this hidden feature by emailing the support team. It is helpful to remove from parents’ access unavailable teachers due to packed schedules. Parents can see which teachers still have availability before proceeding to the third step of the PTCwizard. 

6. If your school does not integrate data, and allows parents to register themselves, they can update their own accounts. 

When parents add children, it only requires one child to continue. If a parent wants to add more children, go to account settings, to their profile in PTCwizard, and add more children before proceeding to book appointments.

7. Private conferences enable schools to make a conference invisible to all parents except those enabled explicitly for the conference. 

This tip helps teachers, who are also parents, book their meetings before any other parent. Teachers can block those meeting times off their schedules so other parents don’t book competing meetings. In this way, they can meet with their children’s teachers. 

Once complete, make the conference public again, and everyone can sign up as usual without ever knowing that some parents had early access.

We hope you’ll try a few of these tips to give you a vote of confidence that you can use PTCwizard to its full potential. It’s our favorite subject, next to being here for you, our valued users.

Expect more tips soon.

To Your Time-Savings Success,

 Shammai Ellman

President of PTC Wizard

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