PTC Wizard Negotiates Preferred Customer Pricing to Integrate with Blackbaud

For your cost-savings and convenience benefit, we are now an Integration Service Vendor (ISV) partner with Blackbaud, which enables us to best serve and streamline Blackbaud integration. As a result, we’ve been able to negotiate preferred customer pricing for integration. Effective immediately, PTC Wizard will handle any Blackbaud integration fees for $150 per year instead of Blackbaudcharging separatelyfor this service. We’ve also set up a one-step, convenient process for you to pay the fees directly to PTC Wizard and not Blackbaud.

In our new ISV role with Blackbaud, we bring you SKY API, which uses OAuth 2.0 protocol to authorize API requirements, thus allowing your application to access Blackbaud customer data without exposing any user credentials (username/password) to your application. Instead, users must provide consent to your application to access data on their behalf.

We welcome your comments or wish lists so that we may continue to futurize PTCwizard to meet the growing needs of technology-driven schools across the nation. Hope to talk with you soon.


Shammai Ellman

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