How to Choose the Right Online Booking Software

Online booking has become an indispensable feature of a lot of businesses nowadays. In fact, according to BookedINs Online Appointment Booking Statistics, 350,190 bookings were made as of June 2018 with 53% done by online staff and 47% by the clients themselves. 

A good reason for the popularity of this technology is that it helps institutions thrive with limited budgets. It also provides customers convenience in booking whenever and wherever they are available.


Such an important tool should be deployed with a lot of careful planning. If you don’t know how to create an online booking system, it’s essential to determine your needs first and check out resources to have a better understanding of this solution. Read on to find out how to choose your online booking software to maximize the success of your business.


  1. Know what the team needs

The option “book appointment online” is now a staple in most businesses online. In fact, some schools have already resorted to using the best parent teacher conference scheduling system to cope with the complicated schedules of those involved in their schedules. 

But the popularity of the software should not be the only reason for acquiring it. Before getting one for your business, you need to communicate with your team and find out what they really need for their department. This is crucial to know how the online booking software would be able to assist them.

Once the aforementioned information is available, they should be classified as wants or needs. This shall help you determine the ones to address immediately and the ones to put in the back burner. Strategically speaking, it enables you to align the needs of the school with the capabilities of the software that you need. 

  1. Integrate the software with your existing systems

At this point, you are about to make an investment. With that, you need to get your money’s worth by making sure that it covers all the important points of your business. 

You have to find an easy-to-use software for your school and for your parents. Such simplicity shall create a satisfying experience for the parent that would ultimately improve the student success by increasing parental-involvement.  Complicated programs or programs with difficult to use interfaces can turn off parents from using the system. Don’t be one of them. 

So if you have decided to get a basic online booking software, you have to get one with a user-friendly interface, a cloud-based deployment, has different payment options for your customers, allows customers to do their booking in real-time, and provides customer support.

  1. Consider your budget wisely

Budgeting is important for modern businesses to survive. There have been some companies that were not able to cope with the new costs that they had to deal with which led to their demise. 

However, there are ways to them to thrive with limited budgets and one of them is to base your decisions on the value that your purchase shall give you. This should also be the mindset when buying your software. Don’t forget to factor in the other costs outside the purchase like the support fees that are bound to affect your budget. 

Annual subscriptions are ideal here, since it will give you the most savings and you don’t need to think about getting monthly approval during the school year budget.

  1. Make sure support is reliable

No customer deserves a very late response to any possible concerns. And that includes you. So before hitting-up that buy bottom, be sure to know how long it takes for the customer support of your online booking software to respond to your concerns. Looking up the reviews of your software can save you a lot of problems that could arise because of their late response to your needs.


Match and select the best one for you

Now that you are aware of the factors you need to consider when choosing the best online booking software, take the time to carefully identify the needs of  your school and make sure that they are met by the one you are going to choose. This tool is not just an investment for the present. It should be seen as a tool that will help your school reach its goals in the future. 

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