Making Parent Involvement Easy for Your School Event


As a school principal or administrator, you are probably familiar with scheduling software for parent teacher conferences. These popular web-based solutions enable the effortless creation of highly organized conferences – saving school staff hours of extra work.


However, there are many other school events which include parent involvement that can also be arranged much more easily when using online scheduling systems.


Let’s take a look at several common school events and see how scheduling software can make a huge difference in the amount of time and effort faculty spend on setting it up.


Field Trips

Your 6th grade class is planning a trip to the zoo. The kids are excited but the teachers are going to need some extra helping hands. As it is, keeping things running smoothly on school grounds is a challenge. Field trips just make supervision and safety so much more complicated.


To help out your faculty you want to enlist some parent volunteers to come along and chaperone the trip.

In the past, you might have spent hours calling parents and arranging logistics.

Now, you can leverage the power of online scheduling and save your staff (and parents) a ton of time and headache.


For example, using the PTC Wizard online scheduling system, you can easily set up events (like a field trip). Then using the “sessions” module you can define the number of buses needed for transportation. You can also limit the seats available on each bus for the volunteers. At this point, your work is done.


Parents are simply notified by email that the school needs some volunteers and that they can sign-up online.


All they need to do is login to the school’s scheduling site, select the relevant event (field trip) and choose which bus they want to be on. If the bus is already full, they simply won’t be able to volunteer.


The parents that successfully signed-up are informed by email of the details, and everything is set to go – without the need for faculty intervention or involvement.


School Carnival or Fair

In this scenario your school needs parents to help staff booths and tables at the carnival or fair.


With PTC Wizard online scheduling, you first create the event, which in this case, is the carnival. Then, using the “sessions” module, you set up any number of carnival booths/tables with as many timeslots as you require. For example, if the carnival runs all day, you might want to have volunteer timeslots for the morning and afternoon.


Parents that want to participate can select which booth they want to manage and their preferred timeslot as well.


Again, there is no need for the administration to get involved on the micro-level. Parents that volunteered automatically receive a confirmation for their assigned booth/timeslot, and everything is ready to roll.


Other School Events

Scheduling software can streamline just about any school related events.  School dinners, team-tryouts, band sign-up, educational seminars, campus tours, open-house registration, interviews or assessments are just some of the examples of the extra-curricular activities that can be supported by web-based scheduling.


Start increasing parent involvement by using scheduling software for your school event, today!


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